Timesaver Interactive: Celebrations in the UK (Elementary-Pre-intermediate)

Timesaver Interactive: Celebrations in the UK (Elementary-Pre-intermediate)

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Celebrations in the UK

Whiteboard-enabled resource books to bring your lessons to life!

The series includes cross-cultural lessons as well as grammar and vocabulary development. Each title contains twelve ready-to-use lessons, all packed with motivating activities, aimed at teenage learners and designed to exploit the potential of the interactive whiteboard.

Step-by-step lesson plans and full answer keys provide useful support to the teacher, and student worksheets and full teacher’s notes accompany each lesson.

  • Level: Elementary – Pre-Intermediate (A1-A2)
  • 56 pages

What happens on Pancake Day? How do the British celebrate Halloween? And why is the London Marathon one of the UK’s most popular sporting events? Teenage classes will love this rich interactive whiteboard resource that presents the key festivals and events in the UK through a variety of fun interactive activities.

ISBN: 9781908351661

We know teachers are all very busy and we want to help and support their work in every way we can. By watching the video tutorial you can see how to fully exploit our digital resources for the interactive whiteboard and bring your lessons to life!

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Los precios incluyen el IVA.

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